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how long have you been a Hairstylist? 

I graduated from cosmetology school in May 2017 and jumped right in at a salon the very next day! it has been 6 years of creating magic and falling in love with my career more and more each day. I truly can't picture myself doing anything else!

do new client sessions take longer than returning client sessions?

yes. my service menu is for New + returning clients. although if you are a new client add 10-15 min min to your session. this is because I take the first 10 minutes of the appointment going over your digital consultation form and educating you on the process. i tend to use more product in your first session as well. in most cases with new clients, I do not know the full hair history which is why the session can take a little longer depending on how well the hair reacts with color and lightener. p.s... bleach never lies ;)

what should i wear?

you want to wear something that you are comfortable in, and you don't mind getting a little dirty just in case color got on it for some reason. please do not wear your nicest shirts/jackets! I would feel terrible if they were ruined in any way. 

what if i am a returning client? 

if you have been in my chair before and it has been LESS than 8 months, click on the returning guest button on the service page to book your appointment. If you have been in my chair before but i have not seen you in over 8+ months, you are considered a new guest. your hair has most likely changed and you will need to re-submit a digital consultation form.

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